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Auburn Journal Opinion: "Another View"
By E. Ken Tokutomi

Support Measure G

The Auburn community is rallying to support Measure G. As a longtime Auburn area resident who has been active in our city for over 40 years, I am incredibly pleased to see the widespread support that our community has given Measure G, which will provide funding exclusively for updating Placer High School.

Placer High School’s buildings and classrooms are now over 80 years old and are no longer equipped to provide a safe, competitive education for local students. In order to repair aging facilities and upgrade outdated classrooms, we need Measure G.

As a retired businessman and a community activist, I view the education of our youth as an important investment. Providing a quality and modern learning environment will direct Auburn students toward success. I toured the campus at Placer High School and visited a classroom, which I attended social studies class in 1965. That was over 50 years ago and it still looked the same. The classroom had only two electrical outlets! When I was a sophomore 53 years ago, that was acceptable, but it is certainly not acceptable today, when a 21st-century education is required to prepare students for success. Voting yes on Measure G is our chance to give local students the high-quality education they deserve. Our Placer High School students lack access to up-todate facilities, and the classrooms they spend their days in are falling apart. We need to repair or replace these old school facilities to build an educational environment that enables our students to excel and face the future. We regularly hear from our students during Student Engagement Sessions, Student Voice meetings and through our student board members about the dire classroom and facility needs at their beloved Placer High School.

Not only will Measure G provide an updated learning environment, repair deteriorating classrooms and remove safety hazards, it will also help local students compete for the best college and careers by equipping career technical education programs with up-to-date classrooms and technology.

That is why it was no surprise to me when I saw Auburn’s leaders rally in support of Measure G. The most prominent individuals and organizations in our community have all recommended a yes vote on Measure G, including the Auburn City Council, the Auburn Chamber of Commerce, the Placer County Office of Education Board of Trustees, the Auburn Union School District Board of Trustees, the Ackerman Charter School District (Bowman) Board of Trustees, the local Boys and Girls Club and many, many more.

Most notably, check your ballot booklet, there was no opposition argument submitted against Measure G. Our community understands that a high-quality local high school benefits all of us, even if we don’t have kids enrolled. Continuing excellent education and safe classrooms at Placer High School maintains the strength of our community and protects our home values.

We are blessed to live in Placer County. Improving our schools increases our property values because people look for good schools in which to send their kids and grandkids. Quality schools and student achievement are at the top of many buyers’ lists when looking for a new home. And further, improving and upgrading our classrooms will provide a safer learning environment.

In addition to mandating that all funds be used only for Placer High School, Measure G requires an independent Citizen’s Oversight Committee to review and audit all expenditures. If passed, the Placer Union High School District Board of Trustees will disseminate information on how members of the public, parents and business persons can apply to become a member of the Citizen’s Oversight Committee. Measure G funds can be used for facilities only. No funds can ever be used for salaries or benefits and our directly elected Board of Trustees must approve all expenditures in a public board meeting. This is true local involvement, transparency and control.

We must support the education of our Auburn students to whom we will entrust our community’s future. Let’s get behind Measure G by voting YES by mail or on Nov. 6.

E. Ken Tokutomi is a retired certified public accountant and Auburn resident.


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